Sunday, 31 May 2009

The 3 Keys to Opening New Doors

Opening new doors...changing your mindset...becoming a 'new you'...embracing a paradigm shift... or whatever YOU want to call it - they all mean the same thing... that YOU are choosing to venture forward on a path of Personal Development and you want to create a positive change in Your Self.

Why do people suddenly want to change their habits or thought patterns of a lifetime? - Usually because of a 'shock' or an unexpected event that has jolted them into a state of confusion or disbelief. Something has 'rattled their cage'. It could be a bereavement, a redundancy, an illness or accident...even a relationship break-up.

This kind of change is often considered to be 'fire-fighting' or's usually crisis driven...and although any positive change is to be admired and praised...every time I have asked those who have taken this approach...they have ALWAYS said that they wished they had changed sooner and not waited until there was a crisis.

So, if you would like to consider changing something about your life and lifestyle BEFORE you are given a 'wake-up' call then here are the 3 Keys to take you that path.

The first Key is Honesty. That's right...
Who is the one person that you can lie to over and over again and never get chastised? - Yep, it's Your Self. We can do it any time - any day - any week - any year - and nobody will ever know. But you will.
Being totally honest with Your Self and to Your Self can be quite a challenge...and you may have a few 'demons' to face up to and overcome - but the rewards are phenomenal...and you will like Your Self and Love Your Self so much more for being Honest. Your Life will be catapulted into a new and rewarding era.

The second Key is Courage. That's right...
The more Honest you become with Your Self - the more Courage You need - to give You the Strength to take those Honest thoughts and put them into Action. You may have to start saying 'No' to Your Self and others, when you would previously have said 'yes'...and that takes Courage.
The great thing about Courage is, that the more you show it... the easier it becomes. Getting past that first 'No'...makes the 2nd, 3rd and 4th 'No' roll off the tongue beautifully! Then you can start saying 'yes' - to what you REALLY want to do and be.
However, the really amazing thing about Courage is that it is infectious! People admire Courage and it gives them strength... as well as opens them up to the possibility of also making some changes in their spread it around!

The third Key is Noticing/Listening. That's right...
Most people drift along throughout their life almost in an oblivious state as to how they REALLY feel...often retorting with 'fine' or 'not bad' when asked how they are.
So, for a few days...ask your Self 'how am I really feeling' - when you waken up, before you go to bed, and 2-3 time during the day. Of course, then you have to be totally Honest with Your Self and give Your Self the Truth. Once you have the Truth...will You then have the Courage to accept it and possibly act upon it if some form of change is needed for You to fell better? Perhaps you feel you would benefit from getting to bed earlier or taking more exercise.

Noticing is done best in moments of quiet and stillness...then You can hear what Your Unconscious Mind is saying to You. It wants to help You to be Your best...You just need to Listen.

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