Sunday, 10 May 2009

Holistic Healing Choices – Are You Worth It?

Health along with Time are, in my opinion, two of our greatest assets as we go through life on this planet. What we do with them...has a profound influence and effect on how our life will unfold. So this article is about... why bother to take the Time to choose Holistic Healing when you've managed to get to this stage in your life without it?

Well, before I answer that...just let me say...I think there is a possibility that there have been times in your life when you actually have chosen a Holistic method of Healing your Self, and you did it instinctively and intuitively...why? Because it is the NATURAL solution - that's right. Holistic Healing is fundamentally an intuitive way of keeping your Self well... naturally. It's as though you are already 'hard-wired' with a default mechanism to Heal your Self - whether you like it or not!

Wow...that is quite a thought - did you realize that you were SO powerful?

"Hmmm"...I can hear you say..."If we all have this 'power' to Heal our Self then why are so may people sick...and why do we have millions of medicines, drugs, doctors and hospitals?

That's a great question...and too big to answer in detail in this article - although, the answers will watch this Blog. At this stage, however, let me give you a short, sharp solution to your question.

To access your 'power' of Holistic Healing takes Time, Stillness, Awareness & Noticing, Balance, Taking Responsibility, Moderation & making Beneficial Choices - and most of us have chosen to 'let go' of these things. If you do choose them, then it means that you really Value your Self, and you feel good about your Self.

Ouch...did that hurt? Of course you think you Value your Self - or maybe you're even admitting to your Self right now, that you don't.

What I have discovered from being a Holistic Consultant for 35 years that the level of your Self Worth and Self Esteem are inseparable from the state of your Health and what you achieve with your Life. So, in short, if we have millions of drugs, doctors and hospitals worldwide - then perhaps as human beings we are suffering from low Self Worth on a global scale...'s only a thought!

Let's get back to you and Holistic Healing.
Oh, just before I do...I would like to say (for the record) that I am not writing in criticism of our medical fact, I think our medical staff do an amazing job...particularly in the emergency situations, accidents and reconstruction work.
It's incredible what they can do - but they are trained to function within a care system of sickness & disease rather than health & prevention. So, until we can change the changing your Self...we need them.

Now...if you are new to the idea of choosing Holistic Healing or Holistic Medicine - either in place of or alongside conventional medicine - then it's initially about making a move in your 'mindset'.
Perhaps, form an early age you (like most of the western population) had no choice in your healthcare. This was probably because your parents also felt they had no choice...and their parents before them. But, if we go back just a little further then the use of natural ingredients to combat common aliments was the norm. Unfortunately, it was the horrific unsanitary living conditions of the city populations that became an epidemic breeding ground for bacteria...leading to diseases of the masses that Nature could not cope with.

However, we now have healthier living conditions...and we are also very aware of the production of bacteria, germs and let's use that knowledge to our advantage and reclaim our Health... Holistically...and let's teach out children to take responsibility for their wellbeing...that would be a wonderful legacy to pass on to them.
I'm sure many of you have, in your childhood, benefited at some point from you grandma's remedies of hot drinks, soups, lotions and potions...which have been handed down through the family from one generation to the next. Many of them got the desired result...though they probably took some Time and plenty of rest, good home cooking, fresh air and sleep.
Then came along modern drugs that got results in less Time - so that seemed a better option... right?
So 'we' moved away from Self Help remedies and favored drugs....with their side effects??
But maybe 'we' only got ill in the first place because 'we' were working too hard, not eating properly, cooped up and not getting enough sleep??
- it's only a thought.

Therefore, until this point in your life, your mind has been 'trained' to think about seeking a medical drug solution when you have any feeling of un-ease, dis-ease, pain, discomfort - or any concerns about your physical, emotional or mental state. It might simply be that you buy some over-the-counter pain killers, indigestion tablets or maybe a hay fever remedy etc. This simply means that your mind is 'set in your ways', and for you to make a different choice...a paradigm choose Holistic Healing as your first 'port of call' - then you literally have to change your mindset!
There is a lovely quote by W.L Bateman that you may well have heard before that sums up this situation perfectly.
"If you keep doing what you have always done, then you will keep getting what you have always got."
Therefore, if you're prone to any of the common repetitive ailments like eczema, heartburn, hay fever, headaches & migraines, acne, fatigue, yeast infections, IBS and many others
...then consider changing your mindset...and look for more Natural solutions. The next article will help you on your way.

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