Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Holistic Healing Choices - Changing Your Mindset

To change your order to choose a different path...which in turn will create a better a courageous and admirable choice. Changing your mindset is about changing the way you think about an existing and established recurring event. This is called your 'Thought Response', and although I am specifically referring to using your Thought Response for making Holistic Healing Choices to improve your health... this process can be used to change any behaviour.
However, in order to choose Holistic Healing instead of your established Thought Response of medication... or a 'quick fix'... you need to start thinking differently... one day at a time... you need to change your mindset.

To change the way you think... one day at a time... all starts with Awareness & Noticing - perhaps you remember them being mentioned in Article 1 - Holistic Healing Choices....Are You Worth It?

There is a great quote by Albert Einstein that encourages you to start thinking out of 'the box' in order to find a way forward. He said,
"You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created."

By saying this, he is referring to
'on the level' as the same as being 'from a Thought Response'.
In other words...the way your mind was thinking when you unconsciously or consciously created 'the problem' would have to change in order to solve 'the problem'...he sure was a smart guy!

Oh, just in case you're not sure what I mean by 'the problem' ... I'm referring to your health issue.

You see, if you start to raise your awareness of how you are really well as how you would like to feel or be, then that is the starting point for your Internet research. From doing this research, you will find all the alternatives available to you to help you move forward in the best direction for YOU - then you will be able to make an informed,appropriate and alternative choice of treatment, remedy,
self-help or complementary practitioner that is best suited to your needs.

Knowledge is Power.

Perhaps you have an ongoing or recurring ailment that you would like to consider for Holistic Healing... maybe you suffer from migraines, IBS, yeast infection or perhaps you have several issues... then start to research the Internet...some of the links in this article may be of value to you... increase your knowledge about your health... and you will then gain confidence in choosing what is best for you from all that is available. Searching on the Internet on Holistic Healing can lead to a wealth of information...after all, that is how you found my Blog!

Therefore, if changing your mindset starts with your Awareness & Noticing of how you really feel, then the first step is to become more Self Aware...or more 'conscious' of your state...your tensions...your feelings...your bodily functions...your energy. Not in an obsessive's just about Noticing when you feel really good...relaxed...happy...and energetic - and recalling what you did to feel that way.

Perhaps you got to bed earlier the night before...or maybe you drank more water the last few days...or maybe you cut out wheat for a week....whatever you've done...has made a difference. This means that when you don't feel so 'well' or energised you can then reflect on what you've NOT been doing, that makes you feel good!

It's about being more in the moment with your Self...which sounds simple...yet most people are rarely in the moment with their own Self...most people spend most of their thinking time in their past or in their future...and that is why, most people hold onto their existing mindset...even when their existing mindset is damaging their health.
If you can master the Power of Now...then you are the master of your own mind.

Finally, I would just like to say that, people change their Mindset for all sorts of reasons...and one of the most common is ... because of fear... the most drastic being - "if you don't change your ways, you're gonna die!"
This in an unfortunate ultimatum that some people are faced with... and even then, some choose not to change.
Other reasons for changing could be peer pressure or teenage rebellion; religious beliefs; scientific discoveries...or simply learning more about life!
The best reason for changing your mindset - to improve your life by making Holistic Healing Choices - is because you truly Love your Self...simple.

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