Friday, 22 May 2009

Happiness - Book Review

As an avid reader of Personal Development & Holistic Healing books, I have read my fair share of 'enlightening' manuscripts over the years. From many I have received a wealth of guidance and insight...others have given me 'nuggets of wisdom'...while some have left me untouched. However, if I was to choose one series of books that I would be proud to put my name on, it would be the Happiness books by Andrew Mather. If you've never read them then I would encourage you to have a look.
Happiness is such an essential yet elusive emotion. Many people spend their life 'chasing it' - while others have resigned to a life of mundane repetition, struggle and disappointment. Interestingly, some do think they have 'found it' - only to discover that their material possessions and wealth have been distractions from loneliness or low self esteem.
Happiness is an outcome of your thoughts, feelings, experiences and actions and the books by Andrew Mather are simple, engaging and profound. There are many things that I love about his style of his writing.

First of all, it keeps your right brain happy with all the highly amusing and appropriate sketches...he has a amazing artistic gift with his cartoon impressions of serious life situations that really help to get his message over.
Also, because of his charming style, humor and succinct delivery of important life issues, I feel he has successfully bridged all generations as well as all intellectual abilities - these books could be read by anyone...some parts (like the In a Nutshell) could even be read as bedtime stories for young children, giving them an early insight into the importance of their self worth and potential.
In short, I feel that every home would benefit from having these books available to all ages in the household...even just to 'dip into' when an appropriate life situation arises.
Simple solutions are always the best ones.

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