Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Holistic Healing in Cyprus

Here I am in sunny Cyprus at a beautiful apartment in Paphos called Faros Beach. It is only a 3 minute walk to the beach, and in the other direction... an easy 2 minute stroll to the shops and bars on Tomb of the Kings Road - fantastic...I can highly recommend it! As I am sitting on my balcony...having watched a stunning sunset...and now listening to the crickets accompanying the distant sound of the Greek Cypriot bazouki...it is another reminder that the Holistic Healing of the human spirit and soul is about being in the moment...being in the Now.

Surrendering to the stillness.

Appreciating the sounds.

So, the biggest change for me being here (other thatn the weather!) is the pace of life. It is wonderful to surrender...and just BE.

This is Holistic Healing in Cyprus...this is Holistic Healing ANYWHERE.

I am getting up earliedr in the morning than at home - around 6.15am, and going for a jog/walk while the day is fairly cool...then some yoga...followed by a shower...and finally one of my super duper smoothies to set me up for the day.

I am also choosing not to have a car...so I walk to the supermarket and do my shopping VERY carefully...because whatever I buy, I have to carry it all back to the apartment - and although it is only a 15 minute walk...it can seem a lot further in the heat with 2-3 full grocery bags. Therefore, I find myself thoughtfully planning my meals - and in doing so, I don't buy the spontaneous purchases that I would at home...when I can just load it all into the car.

What I will say is, that I have been very impressed with the variety of 'healthier options' now available here for those who prefer a wheat and/or dairy free diet.

I actually brought some Orgran Rice & Veg pasta out here in my suitcase, and was pleasantly surprised to see it on the shelf of a large supermarket along with lots of other healthy 'goodies'. So well done to those 'health food conscious pioneers' who managed to get the supermarkets to diversify.

I also noticed some Alpro soya milk & deserts...but no yoghurt as yet.

However, the purchase of the week... has to be my new hand held blender to make my smoothies. As you know, a blender is synonomous with Holistic Healing & health eating... and I found one in a shop called PopLife for only 7 Euros - now that's a bargain!

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