Saturday, 13 June 2009

Cellulite Solutions.

Here I am...still in sunny Cyprus...and finding myself writing about cellulite. Maybe the source of inspiration is due to observing the abundance of 'flesh' on the beach! Or maybe I am unconsciously 'picking up' a hum of discontentment from the surrounding female population as they discover - to their horror- that their beach body of last year is no more!

Do we ever hear men going on about their cellulite? - nope.

Cellulite is often considered to be a natural characteristic of the female body (not what we want to hear)... and that the majority of women will show some signs of cellulite at some time in their life.
Cellulite is the uneven accumulation of fat in certain areas of the body and is influenced by hormones, genes, lifestyle and stress.

Hormones can play havoc with the female body - do we ever hear men complain about having 'fat days'? - nope.

That's because they don't have the fluctuating levels of oestrogen that we get - simple!

This is why 85-98% of women show signs of cellulite during puberty and also when pre-menstrual, because oestrogen levels are higher...regardless of whether you are slim or overweight.

Now, in today's world of an ever increasing pace of life - stress is undoubtedly a huge contributory factor to our overall health. It increases our free radical production and our hormonal secretions...affecting out metabolism and blood well as increases fat storage...and cellulite. A challenging state of affairs.

For me, the solution to cellulite is twofold - healthy eating and exercise.

We now have so much information on healthy eating - yet many still choose to eat unhealthy levels of fatty foods (chocolate, crisps, fries & deep fried) as well as high calories (alcohol, chocolate, ice cream, sweets, biscuits). It's not that you've never to consume these items - just not every day or even every week. If you are - then think about having to have these from an addiction point of view and start weaning yourself off them.

The ideal diet that would prevent the creation of cellulite and help to reduce it would be a typical Mediterranean diet of fish, lean meat, salads, vegetables, fruit, water and an optional occasional glass of wine. It would also be low in salt, and using olive oil instead of butter.

Exercise tones muscles - which in turn improves your lymphatic system - which in turn removes waste products from your cells. This means that your body will function better and you will look and feel better...and cellulite will be reduced. The more you exercise the more you increase your muscle mass...which decreases your fat...and cellulite will be reduced.

So, start taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Wear a pedometer and start walking more - build up your steps to 10 thousand, 3 days a week.

It's all about investing in your Self...after're in it for the long haul!

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